GadgetOff 2009


Spinter, Breck, Karen, Cheryl and Touch all showed up in jumpsuits for a morning presentation (1 min) and a full afternoon flying, building and explaining what Brooklyn Aerodrome is up to. Here is the presentation–with sound added, they didn’t get the sound worked out so we just mimed it.

We got picked as one of 7 Works of DIY Insanity at Gadgetoff ’09 by Popular Mechanics.

Another blog picked us up as Remote-controlled eco-friendly airplanes on display at Gadgetoff 2009

We were in excellent company, have a look at some pictures

We got covered in the Staten Island Real-Time News

We really enjoyed it, thanks for letting us come

A nice shot of launch
Breck and Splinter present/fly at gadgetOff 2009



One Response to “GadgetOff 2009”

  1. Splinter Says:

    Yes, it was a great time. I worked with the A/V guys Tim and Jay and the Front of House sound mixer Derrick (Derryl? sorry). They did a test and said they had the audio. When the Hydraulaphone guys finished, we were basically going to do our bit in front of their set change.

    When is was time, slides and no sound. Oh boy. We did it anyways and the crowd really liked it. Me catching the towel wasn’t actually planned but it worked and we got a round of applause. People did stop us later to say they enjoyed our presentation.

    The rest of Gadgetoff was amazing. Thank you so much to the Dubno’s et al for all the work getting all of that stuff up and running and available to see. Dawn, Joe, Steve, Mike the power guy, Allie, and the rest of the crew were spectacular.

    Some of my favorites were the Mondo Spider, Madagascar’s Pony Ride, Doyle’s Regurgitron, The Potato Chip Science book, the Hexbot people and Innovation First Inc. (we owe you a phone call!), the guy with the flat control surface that used pucks to control whatever element you assigned to them which was set up sort of as a DJ mixer ROCK!, Saul Griffith and his presentation, etc. The list goes on and on.

    It was great fun for me to fly at night over the dinner. The same pack of about 9 young gentleman who had admired the towels during the day came running out when they saw the plane in the air at night. They admitted that it looked cooler flying at night with the elwire!

    Thanks Gadgetoff for a great day.


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