Finals of Crystal Towel


Yikes this plane looks good. Fly it tomorrow at decom. One of the more recycled planes we have ever flown–thanks again Pierre for the polycarbonate green house roofing.

Sparkly yes?

Sparkly yes?

And one more

crystalTowelBuild - 38

This thing was a huge pain to build. A stabilizer/rudder took 40 min to cut out where in foam or cardboard it would be 2 min. I had a bad short on testing with the lighting that was pretty exciting but nothing got destroyed. Lots of soldering and laying of power buss. I used stained glass copper tape for the power buss for lighting.


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2 Responses to “Finals of Crystal Towel”

  1. Ben Z Cooper Says:

    Looks wicked! Completely worth the effort.

  2. brooklynaerodrome Says:

    Thanks. Flew it Sat eve. Check out the follow up post on the blog.

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