The Towel Cart Mark II


Splinter, aka Mark, built the Mark I towel cart back in 2008 for the purpose of transport, protection and support
of towel flying at Burning Man. Things have moved along.

As in much about life, the next generation technology is called for. In this case it is required since the original
towel cart has been mostly re-purposed as a Black Rock Ranger sign. Opportunity knocks, eh?

Behold the new underlying infrastructure for our next generation towel cart.

Raw Towel Cart

Raw Towel Cart

In back is the triple wall polycarbonate sheet that we want to build the box out of. The polycarbonate sheet was
donated by Daedalus Design (thanks again Pierre) and it looks great lit. Here is a towel built from the double wall version.

Sparkly yes?

We will be lighting that cart in the same style.

The recycling of a baby jogger cart that, bless him, Steve Gerberich donated to the project really helps move things along. Gerbo is
a way seriously good funsicle artist.

What are the cargo needs? Glad you asked.

Carry me

Carry this ok, right now and protect us from the wind.

And head on is:

Head on, narrow eh?

The yellow bar is 36 inches.

This is my current idea for an overall shape. The thicker lines are my best effort. I suck, I know it, but I welcome a

Save me from Breck!

Save me from Breck!

Open to suggestions, really, really open to suggestions. But concrete. Draw it out, make it easy for me.
August 7 deadline for it going on the container.



Maybe we can get an entry on the celebrity page of the manufacturer’s web site. I think they need some hipper use cases.


2 Responses to “The Towel Cart Mark II”

  1. Max Says:

    Hey I just saw a picture of last years burning man

    maybe something that looks like BM effigy?

  2. Max Says:

    oh and don’t forget the El wire.

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