The Flaming Towel in Development


I want to have an artificial flame effect airplane that I can fly at night. The idea is to recreate the fake fireplaces that use lights and silk to create a flame effect without a flame. They look great:

The trick is to get red/yellow/blue lights on a layer of silk fabric that is blown by the wind. We have
tons of wind on an airplane so the hard part is creating a place to hide the lights–in the above video the lights and fan are hidden in the suspended vessel.

My approach currently is to create a bi-plane towel that hides the lights between the two delta wings with the silk streaming out the back.

Flambeau Towel

A Biplane made from joined towels

Side View of Flaming Towel

Side View of Biplane Towel

The flight dynamics are not great. The plane flies, but with a significant pitching up moment which I think is due to the motor being on the lower wing.
Also the wing loading is so low and the plane so underpowered that the plane flies very slowly so I think a second motor is called for. I am just going
to add a motor to the top wing (same configuration as the bottom one) and see what happens. Hopefully the pitching will cease and the airspeed will
go up which I will need for flying at Burning Man this year. More as I learn more.

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