How to Make a Deck and Airframe for the Towel RC Plane


The complete video build sequence for the Towel 1.2. This is a little different than the Make Magazine Volume 30 plane. Most notably the motor mount is different.



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13 Responses to “How to Make a Deck and Airframe for the Towel RC Plane”

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  2. Michaelc Says:

    That whole business of the motor mount seems needlessly elaborate. Wouldn’t it just be easier to make a little block of wood the motor mount and just screw it onto the coroplast? Also why not make the whole plane out of coroplast? if you made it out of the 2 or 3mm and bent over the leading edge it would be far more durable than the foam and about the same weight.
    It would be cool if you made the design to use a standard size election or real estate sign since those are really common and easy to find.

    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      Go ahead and make it that way. We have safety reasons for using the foam, let us know how it works out.


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  5. Mickey Says:

    Watching the second video where you link up the radio with the deck I don’t see where its programmed. I see in the parts list you get the cable so that you can program the radio, but I’m not seeing at which step you need to do this. I’m a total beginner at this stuff, so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks very much for your time.


  6. Aaron Says:

    In video 3 you attach a secondary radio receiver to the deck. Is the secondary receiver included with the radio? I don’t see a secondary receiver listed. Looking on the HobbyKing website I see that the radio includes:

    1 x 2.4Ghz transmitter
    1 x 2.4Ghz Receiver
    1 x Bind Plug

    Am I missing something?

    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      Depends on the radio. Apparently the newer version of our 6 channel Hobby King radio do not have a secondary rx.

    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      You are missing the secondary receiver actually. They changed the design apparently.
      I don’t have that version of the radio yet.

      We will have to modify the video.

      • Aaron Says:

        So do you recommend a different radio that has 2 receivers? Or purchasing a 2nd receiver? Or is it even that necessary? Apologies for all the questions I’m new to the RC world.

  7. Mr. RC Nitro Buggy Says:

    Thanks for sharing the vids they have really help out,great work keep it up!

  8. Carndy Says:

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