Programming the Hobby King T6a radio


Check out the new build forum for latest updates on programming this radio. The links below are broken or out of date.


The radio on our parts list on the build overview is a real
hassle to program. The radio is an amazing value which is why we use it but it took a while for us to master it. Programming is necessary to get elevon mixing working.

Here are some links to resources for working with the radio.

  • 3rd Party software and some instructions. People seem to like it.
  • A thread on rcgroups about the radio and how to get it working
  • A link to the configuration I use to program delta wings: HK_T6a_programming_for_Towel. It is a binary file so save it to disk and load it into the folder that the t6config tool stores configuration files in. The above software, Digital Radio, has an import feature for this file format as well. One notable feature is that the right hand switch is now a dual rate switch, back is for low rates, less throw or Granny Mode as we call it. Forward is full rates.
  • Manual for the A version of the transmitter–I don’t think there is much difference between this and the B version.

Please keep me up to date on the accuracy of the above information.



14 Responses to “Programming the Hobby King T6a radio”

  1. Scott Says:

    Hi Breck,
    I bought the HK T6a and programming cable. I think I can figure out how to get elevon mixing programed on my own but am hoping you can provide some details on how your radios are set up. Maybe some screenshots from your program?


    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      I have added a link to the blog post to my config file. Easiest way to understand how things are set up. Let me know if there are problems.

  2. Sherman Says:


    I have the HK t6a V2 and the interface cable. I have downloaded both your config file and the Digital Radio program. I am able to get the controller to show up as connected to the Digital Radio program. I am also able to import your file but when I hit the send button on the menu bar I get an error. Variable missing. I am not sure of the correct steps to get the configuration to transfer to the controller or to tell if I have been successful.

    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      I have not used the Digital Radio program so can’t really help. Check to see if you have elevon mixing working by connecting
      servos to ch 1 and ch 2, giving up elevator should move both of the arms.

      You can try a google search as well.

      Like I have said the HKt6a is a real hassle to program. If you are in the New York City area you can drop by the studioin Williamsburg and I will program it for you
      with my working install.


      • Sherman Says:

        I would be happy to use any other program you recommend. I also downloaded the T6config program. I have the same lack of understanding with it. The elevon servos do not both work with the up elevator. One will work with the up and down the other works with left and right. I can get the motor to work only with the second step that you show in the video of starting with the throttle in maximum position. All the parts that I purchased were from your recommended list so there should not be any incompatible parts.

  3. Sherman Says:


    I was able to find information on YouTube and I have the Elevon functioning properly using your configuration file. Controlling the motor with the HK-T6A is still giving me a problems. I can get the controller to operate the motor after going through the process you you showed in your video of using the Full Throttle position. My problem is that after I disconnect and reconnect the battery to the speed controller the HK-T6A throttle does not work to run the motor. How can I get the controller or the speed controller to store the throttle programming?

  4. brooklynaerodrome Says:

    You might just need to always go through the arming step I showed in the video. There is a very badly written manual that comes with the speed control that may offer more information. They change firmware all the time so I may have out of date information.


  5. Sherman Says:


    I stumbled onto the solution. If you program the controller after you have done used the Full Throttle process on the speed controller you wipe out the the setting in the speed controller. You have to repeat the Full Throttle process on the speed controller after programming the controller and it will and it will be retained.

  6. Victor Reinoso Says:

    The link to your config file for the HK-T6A doesn’t work. Any idea where I can find the file on your website? Other suggestions?

  7. brooklynaerodrome Says:

    I have re-added in the link to the program we use. Apologies for the removal.


  8. Jeff Says:

    The link to your config file for the HK-T6A doesn’t work again. You wouldn’t happen to have another link?

    I have been trying to figure it out myself and, YES, it is a huge pain to program. I could really use the config file.

    Thx for your help.


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