Iridescent Follow Up


Well, we hit our numbers for the Iridescent ribbon cutting. Three very nice planes presented to the powers of it all, Secretary of the Navy, founder of Iridescent and head of the office of naval research (ONR) all got planes. Thanks to Skink Ink who threw down some amazing custom plane graphics and printing.

Props to the pilots, Spinter, Kit and Breck. Thanks to Karen for producing the whole thing.

Pictures below:

Presentation of Towel to SecNav

Blue Angle #8 (they fly 7 so sort of a joke) for the Seceratary of the Navy


The ONR and Iridescent planes

The Blue Angel 8 for the SECNAV

Splinter with Adorable Moppets. The kids were great and really liked what we were doing.--but it could get overwhelming.

Awesome Iridescent Plane, Thanks All....


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