3rd Ward Class


We had an excellent class at 3rd ward where we met some very fine folk and got them all flying. The goals of our class are to introduce three skills:

  1. The ability to build an airplane from scratch in under 3 hours
  2. The ability to fly that airplane independently
  3. The ability to design whatever they want and make it fly

Good progress was made on all three fronts. The build times were a bit more than 3 hrs, and all flew. I wish we had more time for theory. The innovation for the next class – yes, 3rd Ward wants us to do another one – will be to have the decks pre-made and the students simply attach them to the airframe. The deck takes too much time and is not that hard to make so the students will get the raw materials to create their own deck but will build/fly with a loaner. Makes materials fees much less as well.

Our students were Jim, Tony and Launa. Jim and Tony were there for the airplane flying/building dimension with horror stories of expensive airplanes destroyed on first crashes. Launa was an artist wanting to get some interesting shapes into the air. Also in attendance was Mark from Air and Space magazine doing a story on us with Breck and Karen holding down the Brooklyn Aerodrome side of things. Thanks to Karen for all the pics/video.

Tony Launching

Tony Launches while Breck Looks On


Here is Launa doing the Splinter method at night and doing very well.

Some pictures of building.

Launa, Tony and Breck working on planes

Intense plane building.

Couple of Towels in McCarrent Park.

Breck, Mark and Jim Getting Ready to Fly

Brief moment of light during night flying session

Two towels on the ground about to be flown. Launa's flying session

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