Brooklyn Aerodrome at Burning Man 2011


Well it is over folks, we did our first Esplanade theme camp with 25 feet of frontage. Boy was it a ton of work. We blegged for help and remarked that the Universe does not roll over so easily. The design was blogged about. So what did we do with all the favors, help, generosity, money, sweat, stress in the end?

Behold the Brooklyn Aerodrome at Burning Man 2011

We start humbly enough, with the gear we loaded into the container splayed on the desert surface.

Note the Crown Victoria Town Car that was our rental. We told people that we paid a car service to drive us to BM–there was a hurricane after all. For non-New Yorkers the black town car is the classic car service mode of transport in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and sometimes Manhattan.

Above is our camp, pristine, not completely built but the state of affairs on Sunday before opening the gates in the afternoon. Still a lot to do.

This is the view out of the Monkey Hut (Pseudo Quonset Hut) onto the construction of the Trojan Horse–yes we looked at horse ass all week long until they burned it.

Above is camp built and at night. Klieg lights are pretty cool at the end of our runway, edge lights working pretty well.

More as I get images/video uploaded.



One Response to “Brooklyn Aerodrome at Burning Man 2011”

  1. Ravi Says:

    Just a quick question about night flying the towel. I got the LED strips and 12v 3cell small battery from HK. And I already have some channels available on the RX like “bat” etc.
    My question is how do I set up those LEDs? Are they to be plugged in a channel and operated from TX?

    On the same topic, where do I find the glow in the dark wire that covered the stabilizers you were showing at makers fair? How do I set it up?
    Thanks in advance,

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