Build Nights in Brooklyn


We will be starting the build sessions again. Still have some details to sort out.

The initial structure will be evenings starting at 6pm, going out at 9pm to fly. You can expect to take 1-3 sessions to build a plane. Session pricing is $60/session until you complete and fly your Towel. We will help you with the build, provide tools/supplies and replacement parts at our cost. We will also help you learn. Once you are flying shop fee drops to $20/session.

We may or may not have kits available. We will have blue foam, coroplast, coat hangers etc.

Be aware that we will be night flying. Night flying parts are around $20 depending on how fancy you want to get.

These build nights are for adults. A parent can bring one child over 10 and build with them if they can handle an adult environment.

Send email to if you want a reminder when build nights start and how to sign up.


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