A Final Note from MF San Mateo


Oh yeah, forgot to mention – we finally have t-shirts for sale!

Thanks to our friend and stellar photog Roberto Pieraccini for documenting this fact and making us look, well, if not totally amazing, then WAY better than usual.

These lovely items can be purchased in our etsy shop here:


Flying, frolicking, loving our t-shirts.

2011 BA stencil t-shirt on him, 2010 BA silkscreen t-shirt on her.

New t-shirt on Breck:



Parts list detail on back.


2 Responses to “A Final Note from MF San Mateo”

  1. Ravi Says:

    I built with blue foam before from your original instructions a year ago. Wondering how you got that blue or orange plane with sexy and shiny pattern. Is it a film or the foam itself has it on, or some thing else? If it was a film, job done too good!

    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      It is an adhesive film we get from china town. You can use spray adhesive and bright gift wrap for similar effects.


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