Foam for Towels


I realize that getting the blue foam is a huge hassle so I am selling foam. This is the same foam we use in the Maker Shed kit. It is just the foam sufficient for 1 kit for $10. Shipping is Fed Ex Ground and I expect it to be around $13 and it doesn’t go up much more for more kits so order a few.

To ship in a 18″ x 18″ x 2″ form the foam is cut as shown:


It ships like this


It will have cardboard protecting the outside. Once taped together you will have this:


Note that one side has DOW product branding and the other is blank. The airframes are plenty strong once taped together–it is the basis of the Travel Towel that I have flown for years.

Contact to place an order.



3 Responses to “Foam for Towels”

  1. Dan Curtiss Says:

    FYI for those in the upstate NY area. I was at Williams Lumber in Rhinebeck and saw they had loads of our favorite Dow Blue “Towel” foam.
    You can check for a location near you here:

  2. KevinB Says:

    Where do you guys get your foam?



    • brooklynaerodrome Says:

      aRZee supply corp
      15 Edgeboro Rd
      East Brunswick NJ 08816
      (732) 238-4445

      part number is 69380020

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