Brooklyn Aerodrome at the Dalton School


YEEeeooow…….donk, donk, donk, CRUNCH!

Ah, the tiny motor’s roar and the sound of crashing planes – it must be summer here at Brooklyn Aerodrome!

This week the Dalton School took on Brooklyn Aerodrome’s Build and Fly curriculum for their week long 6th grade girls summer camp.

Breck was on hand at the flying site, lovely Randall’s Island Park.  Here is a video with a photo narrative of our day below:

Bright and early at the Dalton School.

Gearing up for the park.

Making camp under a shade tree.

Prepping planes.

First trim flight.

Instructor and kids tweaking planes.

Attempting the mid-air catch.

Flying instructions.

Ready, steady, GO!

Countdown to launch.

Buddy up for flight practice.

Gearing up in the field.

Begin launch sequence…

And a good time was had by all!

Nice flying with you ladies!

Have a great summer,


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