July 2012 Brooklyn Aerodrome Classes


View of new studio

Brooklyn Aerodrome is starting classes this summer!

Session Dates and Registration:

The first Adult + 1 Child Class sessions are
DATE: Sunday, July 8th
TIME: 9am – 12pm
DATE: Sunday, July 15th
TIME: 9am – 12pm

The first Adult Class sessions are
DATE: Tuesday, July 10th
TIME: 7pm – 10pm
DATE: Tuesday, July 17th
TIME: 7pm – 10pm

The night classes will require illumination gear to fly.

We will cap class size at 6 individuals/pairs per session.

Pre-registration is required and is on a first come, first serve basis.

TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS, please send an email to classes@brooklynaerodrome.com stating:
– which type of class sessions you would like to attend and age of child if applicable ( please note that your child must be over the age of 10 to attend our classes)
– which type of Materials Fee applies to you
– your method of payment

We will confirm registration for your session and then ask that you pay your Class and Materials Fee total.

Registration deadline is July 1st.

Class Synopsis:
This class will teach the basics of the creation and design of medium sized remote controlled aircraft that are cheap and quick to build. We emphasize use of recycled materials and generation of creative flying shapes around an economical core of electric remote control equipment.

Class begins with a standard design delta wing that serves as an excellent foundation for a fast to assemble, cheap and good flying aircraft that is built from scratch. Parts include coat hangers, scrap signs, foam board and ladders as the components of the airframe. The electric motor, speed controller, servos, battery, propeller, charger and radio are provided as part of the Full Materials Fee.
If you have your own remote control radio that you intend to use, then you may pay the Reduced Materials Fee.

By the end of class session 2, all students will fly the delta wings (weather permitting–a makeup fly day will be available if needed). Students can expect to destroy the delta wing planes in the flying session, but that is what makes it fun and you will know how to build more. This independence is the entire point of the class. We will also cover illumination techniques for night flying.

Cost per session:
Our 3 hour class sessions are $60 each until you have flown your plane successfully.
We expect most people to complete and fly their plane within 2 class sessions.
After flying, your class fee then drops to a $20 studio fee and you can come build, fly, ask questions, etc., whenever we have a build night or flying excursion.
We announce these events on our blog.

Full Materials Fee with radio: $160 ($180 for night flying)
Reduced Materials Fee without radio: $75 ($95 for night flying)

We accept Paypal (which accepts most credit cards).
We will accept checks that reach us 5 business days before the start of the class.

Bonus Round:
As an added bonus, anyone taking a class this summer will have a chance to present their plane on our Pilots Runway in September at the 2012 NYC Maker Faire and talk about your experiences with building the plane.



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