Highlights of BA’s September Adult Build/Fly class…


Innovation and creativity abound in the Adult Build/Fly class.

INNOVATE: Bobby’s imbedded antenna

CREATE: Dino’s flying wing (before)

Dino’s flying wing (after)

BA student pilots Bobby and Dino refined their approach to the Brooklyn Aerodrome Flying Wing (or the “BAFWi” as we affectionately know it*) and we wanted to share.

Bobby carved a space to imbed his antenna in the deck during the build portion of the class and Dino showed up to the flying class with a sporty black and red foam core plane, pimped out with an articulated cover for the deck.

As you can see, we put Dino’s plane through it’s paces and it proved robust in the face of water, mud and even a little concrete. Props to everybody who came out yesterday to fly.


* Sorry Towel fans, there’s a new kid in town with a much cooler name and a relevant mythology. The Flying Wing is our complete kit that can be found for sale in the Maker Shed here:   http://www.makershed.com/Flying_Wing_Kit_p/msfw1.htm

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