Bat Signal Plane and Iridescent Plane


Got the following missive via the intertubes….great looking builds.

First the pix, then the story from George and his sons out of Stamford, Ct.




George from Stamford , Ct wrote:

“Hey Breck, wanted to share my experiences and some pictures with you. We saw you and Karen at the Mini-Maker Faire in Westport.  My imagination was fired up but I wanted to build but I also wanted to build with my two boys 18 and 20. In June school was out and I said to my wife I wanted to start getting the stuff together for a build. She said you can’t do that, we are already getting everything together to surprise you on fathers day.

I had a 4’x8′ sheet of art board so we built the first few planes with that.  The first ones flew ok and we learned why they were called the towel. It turns out the boys are incredibly good at flying. I guess from all that video gaming. I am not as good but have a good feel for launching the planes. Next we tried the art board and removed the paper. That was too flexible. Next we went with the pink 5/8″ foam. It works very well and is available.  We covered one side with an iridescent gift bag.  That was a very successful airframe. Now we built a Bat Signal airframe. This flies very well. We saw you at The World Maker Faire at Flushing Meadow and picked up some blue foam. Can’t wait to use it. We have some ideas we want to try. Thanks for the inspiration and hours of fun. “


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