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September Classes at Brooklyn Aerodrome

August 27, 2012

Adult class wrenching in the field.

Brooklyn Aerodrome is busy gearing up for the NYC Maker Faire at the end of September, but we wanted to get in one more round of classes before the big event.

Don’t forget that, as an added bonus, anyone taking our class this summer will have the chance to present their plane on our New Pilots Runway at the Maker Faire and talk about your experience building and flying. Now that the Faire is so close we hope that is as exciting for our students as it is for us!

Session Dates and Registration:

The Adult + 1 Child (10 years and older) Class sessions are:

DATE: Sunday, September 9th
TIME: 11am – 3pm


DATE: Sunday, September 23rd
TIME: 9am – 11am

The Adult Class sessions are:

DATE: Saturday, September 8th
TIME: 11am – 3pm


DATE: Saturday, September 22th
TIME: 9am – 11am

We cap class size at 5 individuals for the Adult class and 4 pairs for the Adult + 1 Child class.

We are now offering a separate Night Flying Class for those pilots who have completed the daytime build and fly sessions and are interested in illumination techniques for their airplane.  There are 2 slots available for Adult/Child pairs and 3 slots available for Adults.

Please note that the Night Flying Class is an adult environment, but children are welcome when accompanied by their parent.

DATE: Tuesday, October 2nd
TIME: 7pm – 10pm

Pre-registration is required for all classes and is on a first come,
first serve basis.

TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS, please send an email to stating:

– which type of class sessions you would like to attend and age of child if applicable.  Children must be at least 10 years old.

– your method of payment

We will confirm registration for your class and then ask that you pay your Class and Materials Fee total.

Please read our release form at:

We ask that you sign this in person before class begins.

Registration deadline is September 6th.

Class Synopsis:

This class will teach the basics of the creation and design of medium sized remote controlled aircraft that are cheap and quick to build. We emphasize use of recycled materials and generation of creative flying shapes around an economical core of electric remote control equipment.

Class begins with a standard design delta wing that serves as an excellent foundation for a fast to assemble, cheap and good flying aircraft that is built from scratch. Parts include coat hangers, scrap signs, foam board and ladders as the components of the airframe. The electric motor, speed controller, servos, battery, propeller, charger and radio are provided as part of the Materials Fee.

By the end of class session 2, all students will fly the delta wings (weather permitting–a makeup fly day will be available if needed). Students can expect to destroy the delta wing planes in the flying session, but that is what makes it fun and you will know how to build more. This independence is the entire point of the class.

The BA Build/Fly Class consists of 2 daytime sessions – the build session (4 hours) and the fly session (2 hours).
Cost per class: $120.
This fee covers the cost of both sessions.
Materials Fee (includes radio): $160

The BA Night Fly Class consists of 1 nighttime session.
Cost per class: $60.
Materials Fee: $40.

We accept Paypal (which accepts most credit cards).
We will accept checks that reach us 5 business days before the start of the class.

Please note: After completing your class, we have open studio nights ($20 shop fee) for those who want to come build, tweak etc. The fee covers expendables like foam, tape, zip ties etc. We announce these events on our blog and via email.

Bonus Round:  As an added bonus, anyone taking a class this summer will have a chance to present their plane on our New Pilots Runway in September at the 2012 NYC Maker Faire and talk about your experiences with building the plane.

Inaugural Adult Build/Fly Class

August 25, 2012

We are about to roll out another round of classes for September, but wanted to share some images of our stellar first Adult Class in case people haven’t realized exactly how much fun is to be had in repeatedly smashing lit foam into the ground.

Here’s the pre-show build in pictures:

Better than Christmas – students open new RC gear…

Got radio?

Weaving el wire into airframe.

Connecting el wire.

Checking under the hood.

Max – ready for night flight!

Pix and videos of the first night flight to come, but next post will be September class info – heads up!


Brooklyn Aerodrome’s Inaugural Round of Classes

July 18, 2012

BA has completed its first round of classes and we have had a
ball. A visual narrative of the classes below and video of all
the fun coming up…

First up, the Adult/Child Build Class:

The teams in this class were quite the speedy builders! Very impressive.

Radios out! Very exciting.

First flights to follow!


Visitors to Brooklyn Aerodrome at Figment 2012

June 15, 2012

We’ve had two sets of kids and parents from the neighborhood help us prototype our build night classes so a big shout out to Jane, Ben, Rob and Ryan for helping us work out our program.

Ben is by far our biggest supporter. Witness as he arrives on the scene:


Fanboy Ben hones in on the BA location…


Gotta get that plane in the air!


Breck monitors and gives instruction while Ben flies the yellow plane…


Ben talks about the plane he built in class:



Thanks for coming out Ben and Jane!



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