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Inaugural Adult Build/Fly Class

August 25, 2012

We are about to roll out another┬áround of classes for September, but wanted to share some images of our stellar first Adult Class in case people haven’t realized exactly how much fun is to be had in repeatedly smashing lit foam into the ground.

Here’s the pre-show build in pictures:

Better than Christmas – students open new RC gear…

Got radio?

Weaving el wire into airframe.

Connecting el wire.

Checking under the hood.

Max – ready for night flight!

Pix and videos of the first night flight to come, but next post will be September class info – heads up!


Flight Simulators are Getting Good

July 24, 2012

The Brooklyn Aerodrome is blessed to have gotten a virtual Towel for the FMS flight simulator courtesy of Gary Gunnerson. He sends an email:

Hi folks, An admirer asked me to build a towel model for FMS. You can download it from my website. Please try it out and let me know if the flight model needs adjustment. Also, what is a typical all up weight for a towel rc stunt plane? Good flying to you! -- Gary

Flight Sim Towel

So lets get this working for all you fine folks. Steps are:

  1. Acquire or already have some manner of computer that runs some post 2000 version of windows.
  2. Visit and download the relevant version of the software. For almost all of you that will be version 2 alpha 2.5 unless you are sporting a Windows 95 box.
  3. Any windows OS more recent that XP needs a no longer included library so go ahead and look at the instructions at and you can download the .dll at
  4. A very cheap 6CH Flight Simulator Training Kit Planes and Helis w/USB Cable
    looks to be appropriate and slightly more reputable than the Dynam Flight Sim. Both should be acceptable game controllers for most any modern Windows machines. Mac users, which I am one, will have to wait for a later post on what works.
  5. Be patient and keep trying, they can work

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