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Brooklyn Aerodrome at the Detroit Maker Faire 2012

September 8, 2012

In anticipation of the World Maker Faire here in New York, we’re sharing a few pics from the 2nd act of our summer, the Detroit Maker Faire 2012 at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI.  The museum held a fascinating lesson in American lifestyle history and the local Detroit makers were stellar.

We had a beautiful spot underneath the clock tower on the front lawn…

Looking out on the lawn

We had fantastic flying conditions and buddy boxing was the order of the day.

For those interested in buddy boxing at the New York Maker Faire in Queens, heads up!

We have refined our process to include:

– a pre-flight lecture re basic physics and safety tips

– a small donation of exactly one US dollar towards our Pilots Retirement Fund

– an age requirement of 8 years old and up

– one group of 4 pilots at a time

Behold the magic…

Pre-flight lecture for young pilots in training

Props to the Detroit crew for all their hard work!

The crew took some quiet time out on Sunday morning to visit BA

Maker Shed Rob stopped by with a few VIPs to test the flying wing. Thanks for your tireless effort and support, Rob!

Road-testing the Flying Wing

Thank you for visiting us at Maker Faire

September 25, 2010

We’re having a great time meeting all the Makers and soon to be Makers and pilots at Maker Faire 2010, the NYC edition. This video will show you a bit about what we do and can offer your summer camp, wedding, corporate event or just plain curiosity.

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