Building the Crystal Towel


We got a pile of recycled polycarbonate green house roofing from a local set design company (thank you Pierre) that we want to fly. An example of the material, about 1/4 inch thick, stiff, strong and irresistible as a building material is below.

Raw Material Polycarbonate Green House Roofing

Raw Material Polycarbonate Green House Roofing

Pretty sweet stuff eh? So I went and layed a standard Towel template and cut it out in two halves. The light looked so much better going through the cells which meant that I had to do two halves. This is the how it looks on the table with some lighting.

crystalTowelBuild - 03

And with Karen holding it–this is a joint project with her doing the design. The lights are strip LEDs that run off of 12 volt DC.

crystalTowelBuild - 08

Looks amazing I think. It will be very interesting in the night sky. More as we make progress.

Day 2

I estimate I spent 3 hours yesterday cutting polycarbonate with a knive (saws make polycarbonate dust which craps up the flutes in the crystal), 30 min making airplane sounds while running around with it in the studio and 30 min putting the lighting on and taking pictures. 4 hours. Tonight, 1.5 hrs with sealing the flutes with clear tape.

B & K

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One Response to “Building the Crystal Towel”

  1. jal Says:

    That looks amazing! nice job.

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